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Effects of Yagyas
Effects of Yagyas

प्रतिमाह अपने परिवार की प्रसन्नता हेतु हवन यज्ञ करवाने के लिए संपर्क करें

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According to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever goodness or badness, positivist or negativity, happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, pleasure or pain, prosperity or adversity we come across in our life, it is the result of our own past actions or karma. A yagya is the most auspicious remedial action to counteract past negative karma or to create positive karma for the future.

A yagya is the chanting of specific Vedic Mantras and Homa by professionally trained and dedicated Vedic Pundits. A strong Vedic principle about yagyas is “the more done, the more benefits we will receive

What is Yagya?

The Sanskrit word Yagya is originated from the Sanskrit verb - YAJ = to do fire sacrifice. Yagya is in fact a combination of rituals recommended by Veda and Vedic Scriptures. These rituals include Hawan or Fire Sacrifice, Japa or Recite of a particular quantity (like 125000 times) of a Particular Mantra which is either from Veda or from a scripture derived from Veda. These Vedic Mantras are perfect in rhythm and therefore very effective in generating fast energies for the purpose that help targeted person to get healed or helped by nature.

The Yagya (also called as Yajna or Yagna) refers to Vedic Rituals those are performed as per the procedure scripted in Vedas and are performed with or without an intention. Yajurveda is all about Yagyas. In old era, Yagyas were a part of daily-life of sages and devotees. However big Yagyas were performed occasionally by virtually everyone including Gods and even by devils who also achieved power by Yagya. The intentions of that power were however different. Yagyas were also performed on great scale by the kings and emperors since thousand of years and various yagya were performed by kings to achieve there success.


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